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The sound a dinosaur makes before ripping your freakin' face off.
Person 1: "RAWR!"

Person 2: "wtf?"

Person 1: "It means I love you in dinosaur!"

Person 2: "Pretty sure it doesn't, it'll probably rip your freakin' face off."
by AsperityX August 16, 2011
the uncool way to say "roar". "Roar" is the the cool way. "rawr" is the way infants say "roar".
girl: Dasoul, your so cool! rawr!
boy: Carly, it is roar!
girl: Oh your smart!
Boy: I know!
by Rockydog123 September 25, 2010
the word "rawr" is a word used to describe a frustrated feeling. over used by emo/scene teenagers.
scene kid 1: RAWR! I failed my math test >.<
scene kid 2: rawr, me too. x.x
by rawr slut machine May 02, 2010
Dinosaur for "I love you"
Him: rawr

Her: :)
by Scrubbeh March 14, 2010
that meeeeeans "i luv you" in dinosaur language!
dino 1: rawr!
dino 2: rawr too!
dino 1 and 2: YAY!!!
dino 1: rawr more!
dino 2: no rawr mostestestestestestestestestestestestestestestsestsest!!
dino 1: ok you got meh there!
by RAWRMEHISADINO March 09, 2010
Means "I love you" in dinosaur. However, can be said in many ways. And if Rachel says it angrily, that means she's mad and wants an apologetic rawr back
Rachel: RAWR! (angrily)
Matt: Rawr? ='(
Rachel: Awwww rawr =)
by LumCelina February 10, 2010
"We should both kill ourselves" in dinosaur.
S- Rawr
Y- ok, you first
S- alright
by teoic January 12, 2010