i love you in dinosaur :)
Dakota: "Rawr baby x]"
Kayla: "I love you, too, Boo!"
by DakotasBaby(: May 27, 2009
Rawr is not "I Love You" in Dinosaur; that's just stupid. Rawr is just a more badass version of "roar"
When a dinosaur roars, it's usually is a verbal expression of its pain and/or anguish. Rawr roughly translates to "IMMA EAT YO' FACE OFF MUTHA' FUCKA!! I WILL DEFICATE ON YOUR LIFE!"
*Samuel L. Jackson gets killed*
by logandabody April 08, 2009
"i love you" in dinosaur
n: Rawr- Bite me.
1. "Rawr"
"I love you to honey"
2. "RAWR!"
*bites* "watch what u say"
by keykyky January 20, 2009
A word you can use instead of "hello" in instant messaging or texts. A bit like "roar" but it sounds cooler and its more original
IM: "Hilz: Rawr!
Leslie: Lolz heyyy"
Text: "Rawr, its me, howa u?? Im borrd..."
by The Awesome Hilarinator February 02, 2008
The sound the cats make. Also a sound the kids with too much engery make because, well, because they can.
"How are you doing Mary?"
by ray_of_sunshine July 28, 2006
To make you seem more scary.
RawR! I will eat your first born.
by Anonymous March 30, 2003
The sound a dinosaur makes before ripping your freakin' face off.
Person 1: "RAWR!"

Person 2: "wtf?"

Person 1: "It means I love you in dinosaur!"

Person 2: "Pretty sure it doesn't, it'll probably rip your freakin' face off."
by AsperityX August 16, 2011

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