Sexy term for roar or just a lion or animal talking if a lion purrs on you he's checking if your worth eating.
Female Tiger:Rawr Rawr
Male Tiger: Rawr..
Human: Okay tigers food time
Both tigers: purr

F tiger: Mmmm human for tea
M tiger: Agreed
human: food time (please please not me this time)
tigers: Eh he its is you this time :D
by Hélép October 01, 2008
how you say i love you in dinosaur
girl- rawr
boy- aw i love you too
by kera renee September 02, 2008
A word in which you can use when you don't know what to say.
A word which is used at random times.
connotes dinosaurs.
boy "rawr"
girl " oh look, he's being a dinosaur"

girl 2 "rawr."
boy2 "haha, you cool kid"
by a cool child... March 08, 2012
means i love you in dinosaur or back of my meat bitch!
t-rex: rawr!!

other t-rex: in whaat way?

other t-rex: i love you too <3
by juwellz123 January 16, 2011
How to say "I love you" in dinosaur
Arnold: Do you love me?
Hayley: Rawr
by Squisheeto November 28, 2009
It means "I love you." in Dinosaur. Anyone who would tell you otherwise is unenlightened and should be devoured ASAP. (See: rawr rawr rawr)

It must be spelled in all lowercase unless 1337- infused. Such as "|24VV|2"
Dino1: Merry Christmas

Dino2: rawr

Dino1: rawr
by n30n00dl3 November 01, 2009
A word that white girls use to talk to each other.
Chrissy- rawr hey girl how are you
by dadafiyaman August 29, 2009

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