A word that has no significance in any sentence it is used in.It can be used as a noun,adjective,adverb,verb and whatever else you want to use it for.Usually spoken by emos.
by Anonymous(Justin) October 07, 2009
It means 'I Love You' in Dinosaur!
Bob: Listen, Im gonna bounce, kay?
Nova: Rawr!
Bob: Rawr to you to!
by Nova Cullen July 19, 2009
The most epic word in all the world, which is mostly used to make friends laugh, break awkward silences, and what preschoolers say when they watch barney. ( the second most epic word is epiphany)
Kid 1: (silence)
Kid 2: (silence)
Kid 3: .............RAWR
Kid 1 and 2: hahahahaha
by BloodshedBito June 11, 2009
"i love you" in dinosaur
person 1: your such a nice person

person 2: rawr!!!!!
by rawr3 April 24, 2009
Translation: 'I Love You.'
Dinosaur language. Get it?
My friend and I are always telling each other 'Rawr!'
by Dino-BamBam April 11, 2009
"i love you" in dinosaur language.
girl: rawr!
guy: rawr back at ya.
by hillary'08 October 31, 2008
A word that portrays false motivation/mocking the military.
Staff Sergeant: Good Day Doc!
Doc: Rawr!!!
by "Doc" Rush October 10, 2008

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