"Rawr" can be many things, depending on who uses them. But it usually mean one of three things.
1. Angry or annoyed
2. A response to an insult of some sort
3. A Phrase said before pouncing on someone
<Red> Yay! I win you lose! blablablabla.....
<Blu> ....Rawr

<Red> Blu, your cloths are all.....blue
<Blu> Yeah? well........rawr

<Green> Hi, yellow!
<Yellow> Rawr! *Pounces* Hi!!
by OldyMcOld October 23, 2008
rawr="i luv ya" in dinosaur.
Guy:Rawr, babe.
by sam0327 July 10, 2008
A sound of disapproval, primarily made by dinosaurs. Translated into dinosaur, it does not in fact mean 'I love you'. That is a common myth among humans.
Girl: Rawr
Boy: I love you too!
Girl: No, stupid. I was simply stating my disapproval of your stupid face.
by EllaNoraLyn August 13, 2011
A word that translates throughout animal languages.
In dinosaur ~ "I love you"
In dragon ~ "Imma gonna make you a pancake!"
In lion ~ "roar!"
by soccahgeek January 24, 2011
A word expressing the sexy and naughty nature of whatever was previously discussed. This word is only to be used by itself. You cannot include it in a sentence with other words. Just simply "Rawr."
Sean: You are too cute.
Amanda: You are too sexy.
Sean: I'll show you sexy, doll face. Rawr.
by amanda'sdollbaby September 05, 2010
i love you in dinosaur...
RAWR (i love you)
by R_awr;D January 27, 2010
rawr means im goona eat you in dinosaur NOT i love you. jeeze.
^im goona eat you^
by okyesok December 07, 2009

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