this word is a form of language from long ago used by dinosawrs. This word in that language mean i love you, which means you care for someone deeply.
I rawr cookies.

I rawr my best friend and he rawrs me.
by Angel of Choas January 19, 2010
It means "I Love You" in dinosaur.
RAWR :) <3
by nikki0919 January 17, 2010
Rawr means I love you, in Lion.
You have just put two quarters into a sticker vendor. You push in the lever and out pops a very cute sticker with a cartoon lion on it. There is a caption there that reads "Rawr means I love you, in Lion."

(This really happened to me.)

Lion is not to be confused with Loin.
by prittypawz713 January 11, 2010
An overused expression of emotion used on the internet.
A: Lol.

B: That's just another rawr.
by ABCDEFGHIJ and the rest. January 09, 2010
''I love you'' in dinosaur language.

Also, a way to relive random boredom.
Definition 1:
Dinosaur 1: Rawr!
Dinosaur 2: Rawr too!

Definition 2:
Bob: Man, I'm so bored...
Larry: I know... Me too...
Bob: RAWR!
Larry: ......
Bob: What?
Larry: ......What was that?
Bob: I don't know.
Larry: ......
by rawr_person June 12, 2009
Rawr just simply means i love you in dinosaur
Dinosaur- Rawr!!!!
Anyone- aww... i love you too!
by Grr- Rawr May 06, 2009
Code word for: "I want to sex you up"
Beautiful girl walks into room, sits next to her man.

Man: Rawr.
by ladycupid May 01, 2009
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