a term of endearment a slade says to a person of the female gender in order to aquire an entry into her pants without having to say anything of substance.
slade: rawr !

female: :::insert panty drop:::

slade: it works everytime.
by halfcylon December 23, 2010
A catch-all phrase in the furry community.
1: How you doin' bud?
2: Rawr.

1: Dude you see that one? She was.... rawr!

1: Mmmm rawr...
by .Wolfeh October 16, 2010
Scene kids say it a lot but then some idiot decided that it means "I love you"
In dinosaur but everyone knows that dinosaurs only ever say rawr so really, it could mean anything
ScEnExCoRe: RaWr!!!

CrUnKaSaUrUs: Oh yes, I rather do fancy some tea and scones!
by !StEpHy_DiNoGoRe! July 25, 2010
A word that means "ketchup" in dinosaur.
by fuast is robby June 23, 2010
An alarming "Roar" over MSN, so to instigate a hug.
1st Person: RAWR

2nd Person: Oh noes!

1st Person: <-- Friendly

2nd Person: Yay! *Biiiiig Huuugs*

1st Person: *Biiiig Huuugs back*
by MSN Roarer June 21, 2010
Rawr means if you can't think of anything to say, just say rawr.
Rawr! I can't think of anything to say.
by haevn107 May 31, 2010
this word is a form of language from long ago used by dinosawrs. This word in that language mean i love you, which means you care for someone deeply.
I rawr cookies.

I rawr my best friend and he rawrs me.
by Angel of Choas January 19, 2010
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