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It's what the fox says
What does the fox say?
The fox says, rawr
by wordgrrrl September 25, 2013
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1. v.

The sound of communication between cute dinosaurs

2. slang

A slang word for roar

3. v.

Anything in dinosaur
dino1: Rawr? (how are you?)
dino2: Rawr. Rawr? (fine. what about you?)

Did you here that lion roar!

person1: Your mean!
person2: Well your Rawr!
person1: What did you just call me, huh!?
by Mariah Joy<3 October 14, 2011
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Rawr (Ra-ar)verb: 1.Refering back to when Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth a bazillion years ago and produced a terrifying roar which has been cutsified into the pronucition of Rawr before they chased down and gobbled up their dinner. This is the equivalent of us saying yum before eating a ice cream meaning pleased, or in this case, I love you.Noun 1.Rawr can also be used as a acronym for R.eeses A.ddict W.ithout R.eeses
A girlfriend lightly jumps onto the back of her boyfriend with a loud delighted "Rawr".
by Brianna A...um December 29, 2010
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this word means that you are either angry with someone or something. it also means i love you in dinosaur.
girl: dude! i failed my math test! RAWR!!
by rawr rawr merh :))) March 08, 2010
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Rawr means I love you, in Lion.
You have just put two quarters into a sticker vendor. You push in the lever and out pops a very cute sticker with a cartoon lion on it. There is a caption there that reads "Rawr means I love you, in Lion."

(This really happened to me.)

Lion is not to be confused with Loin.
by prittypawz713 January 11, 2010
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An overused expression of emotion used on the internet.
A: Lol.

B: That's just another rawr.
by ABCDEFGHIJ and the rest. January 09, 2010
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Means I love you in Dinasour. Usually used by exceptionally cute girls.
"Rawr Jay, Rawr!
"Awww, Rawr too girly :)"
by jaysonfire99 June 17, 2008
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