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to check if you have just eaten raw meat, look underneath you right foot, and if you have eaten raw meat there will be a red do the size of a dime
crap, I think i just ate some raw meat, at least I can check on my right foot
by Dr. Cunnungham October 03, 2003
A white guy's dick
Girl points at dick---->
-Is that a sauseage?
-Thats my dick!
-F* its like raw meat!
by mooooooonnnniiiiiiiicccccccaaa October 21, 2010
Genitals, particularly male.
I ate his raw meat last night...
by Jibba-Jabba June 21, 2006
Lots of naked ass, particularly lady ass and fresh girl flesh
There is a lot of raw meat at Berkeley.
by Quincyy November 23, 2006
when you eat lots of poo
i ate lots of raw meat last night
by the face December 12, 2003