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A male who Habitually Has Sex With Females, whom he has just met, Without A Condom (Raw Dog) even though he has sworn off Raw Dogging repeatidly. Usually A Male In His Late 20's who is trying to be more responsible with his sexual escapades.
Person 1: "Yo Kid, Did You Beat Them Guts Last Night?"
Guy 2: "Yeeeaahh Boy! I Killed The Pussy"
Person 1: "Did You Wrap It Up Though?!?!"
Guy 2: "Naw... I Didnt have a Rubber, She Said She Was Clean Though..."
Person 1: "HAHA! Daaammnn! Raw Dawg McGraw wit yours!"

Originated in Lexington, KY and Commonly Used In Cincinnati, OH
by Skyline Chilli Dogger January 15, 2010

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