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Ravvi (adj.) Something that is cool and/or chilled.

Bob: "Yess, party tonight!"

Lucy: "Raaaaavvvvviiii"


I love your dress, so ravvi!
by Kamava August 16, 2011
1. An ignorant person basking in their own imaginary rays of intelligence or wittiness.
2. A vain, stuck-up person who people normally laugh at when they are not around.
3. Doing anything, such as having sex with everyone, just to get a bit of attention. (adj.)
"Kristen and her sister Kelly are both very ravvi, they did coke at that party and made out JUST to turn on those guys!"

"Dude, shut the hell up. You think you're so cool but you ARN'T, you're nothing but a rav!"
by Savannduhhugandkiss November 14, 2007