Closet-Gay code for butt hole.
Closet Gay Guy: "I sure could go for some ravioli right now ;) "

Openly Gay Guy: "Oh I know where u can get some :P"
by Dr. Wordsworth July 16, 2011
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a delicious saucy coved noodle with beef inside.
wow that Chef boyardee is some chef, i just ate a can of his ravioli
by xmarcusrad March 24, 2008
Something nobody wants
Kid: Fuck you i dont want no ravioli nigga uh i dont wan tit man
by butdatbackflipdoe December 08, 2014
A dime bag of compressed pot (0.8 tightly compacted.)
cut the zee and stuff the raviolis.
by ill dun doin it January 18, 2005
its pasta "meat" and red sauce.
"fuck you, i dont want no ravioli nigga."
by mukeaf666 January 08, 2015
A ball or marijuana vigoriously pressed together with hash in the center
I smoked a ravioli this morning and ended up passing out in my fruity pebbles.
by jUmB0 March 18, 2003
A cheese filled pasta covered in creamy delicious red sauce that nobody wants.
I don't want no ravioli niggah uh.
by Whoisthisguy? January 14, 2015

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