an expression of disapointment or appointing to someone who has said/done something bad to you, emphasis can be added by using the phrase 'well rave'
derived from a phone conversation between slick harrsion and lucy monaghan
oi nah thats well rave
by tom ford December 14, 2004
A big underground party with techno and synth music and lots and lots of glowsticks.
Just about everyone at a rave either listens to Moby or does ecstasy, or both.
Dude, there was a huge rave downtown, all these kids were totally fucked up and i got laid.
by serge April 04, 2004
1. (Sarcastic) A social event which is possibly the most boring thing in the world.

2. Social reject, Dave Roberts (The R from Roberts and ave from Dave used to distinguish from cool Daves and Rave)

1. Man this party is a rave

2. Shut the fuck up, Rave, no one likes you!
by domneill December 03, 2006
Wild, illegal parties which involve the heavy use of drugs and sex. The variation of techno music which is typically played at such parties.
I gots to go to the rave by the old warehouse tonight.
by AYB February 12, 2003
To put it simply, an easy way to get fucked more in one night than you ever would in you life if you didn't go, and the eaeiest way to get the drug huck ups.
It's much more fun being fucked by 20 wemon when your high than it is be fucked by one girl when your clean!
by Your Leader November 18, 2003
A jampacked electronica/dance party with 18-year old Japanese girls on ecstasy
blah blah blah rave blah blah.
by ivy July 28, 2004

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