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A crappy-ass store where teen mothers buy themselves slutty clothes.
Stacey had a shirt that said "Objects under shirt are larger than they appear." She bought it from Rave, can you say slutty? (true story)
by Tasha December 18, 2004
The name given to an electronic music scene made up of Generation Xers that was "underground" in the early-to-mid 1990s, but which became extremely commercialized and eventually died out at the end of the last century. A number of teenagers and twentysomethings who were too young to attend raves back then now go around calling themselves "ravers" and listen to electronic music thinking that the rave scene is still flourising.
People who were too young to attend rave parties ten years ago go around wearing wide-leg pants and sporting all kinds of facial piercings trying to emulate the ravers of the early-to-mid 1990s.
by Kid Billy January 29, 2004
Saying thats mean. Thats harsh

Person 1: Go f**k yourself
Person 2: Thats rave, man
by Hani-Lou October 13, 2008
v. to create intricate hand motions, improvising involved, while both hands are grabbing glow sticks. This art form is extremely popular at technology college parties where 90% of the people are Asian. Can be done at a rave (see above), or dance, club, party, etc. where techno (maybe trance) is played. Can be done with strings for the twirling effect. The basic configuration consists of a bent over figure-eight, meant to drive people on x out of their f'ing minds. (Also popular at CTY dances. lol...) Highly respected form of urban dance.
"Dude, you should see Devin rave... he owns the dance floor with those sticks."

"Yeah, well, Dave can kick his raving ass with his glow sticks."

"Jeannie owns them both. She's got raving style."

"Do you rave? Can you teach me how to rave?"
by OfEternity August 25, 2004
A large, almost always underground party, which includes excessive drinking, many sexual activities and LOUD electronic music. There is not dress code and no definite form of dancing. But, most of the "outfits" contain an excessive amount of jell bracelets and glow necklaces, bracelets and sticks. Oh, and there is also a lot of lighting effects <strobe, laser> and fog machines!

To whine and bitch incessantly about how unfair a situation is. That situation is the subject's life.
1. Person 1: Dude, I went to this rave, and I lost hearing in my left ear, 'cuz dem music is all loud!
Person 2: Dude, that's so pro!
Person 1: Whaaaaaaa?

2. Person 1: It's sooo unfair! I so deserved to go to the prom with Josh! I sucked up so bad!
Person 2: This is yet ANOTHER situation I can use to prove that sucking up never works.
by Shaun White March 12, 2004
Emotionaly extreme in behaviour.
Maureen became a raving lunatic when I broke up with her.
by Le Boner Moaner December 07, 2003
its a party..where its dark in the room and people are all getting high and drunk. while watching people spin glow sticks. its amazing.

man that rave was awesome yesterday.
by megggan November 19, 2005