Free party! Illegal warehouse party where organisers break into abandoned buildings with speakers, lights projectors and a bar. Speaker systems or 'rigs' can be louder than those of some clubs' systems. Dance (techno,jungle, Dnb etc) is played all night and can sometimes cary on for a few days.
"That rave was heavy last night"
"daylite robbery soundsystem are throwing another rave tonight"
by DRSS November 01, 2005
A dance party where electronic music is the mainstay, often but not always underground, often characterized also by drug use (primarily LSD and X)and very casual sex, but again, not always. In its truest form, a rave is a communal unity event that provides a visceral outlet for pent up emotion, replacing it with positive feeling and fraternity, for which drugs and sex are not strictly necessary. Recently, in certain locales, a new philosophy of raving has developed, known as "Rave or Die," a devotion to raving itself, rather than a counterculture or underground movement, raving as a trancendental experience to unite one soul with another through a heavy beat, and a determination to carry the same positive atmosphere, and freedom of motion and action throughout one's life. "The heartbeat will never fade, the party will never end! I am a Raver, and this is my Manifesto! RAVE OR DIE!"
"Yeah, I went to a rave the other night."
"Never really saw the point of those"
"Think twenty odd women who took off their shirts and then jumped up and down to sweet techno music."
"Man, you suck."
by Jack Robinson June 27, 2006
A gathering with different people from all over the world, it could be held in the forest, desert, or in a warehouse. Starts in the night hours and can last until the next morning. Upon entering the "rave" it becomes a whole different world with all the light effects, different generes of music being spun by local and world famous dj's (i.e Hardcore, Jungle,DrumnBass, House,Trance, any type of electornic music). Speakers that will blow you away, but gives off a vibration that makes you connect with the music. People are able to be free and open without being judged. Also, has dancers that are some of the best and some who march to to the beat of their own drum. Can be known for a place of drugs( acid, extacy, ketamine, weed) and sexual behavoiar. But is also known as a place of peace, the music is what brings us together.One must have an open mind to attend a rave. Once was a scene that was "underground", but since then has faded due to the new generation of kids who do not understand the music and only the drugs.
"The line-up for the rave is off the hook"

"We are going to a forest rave tonight"
by LbGurl January 24, 2009
an underground party and party network of people that was characterized by music, costume, acceptance of all and a resounding positive feeling. Mostly held in large urban venues that were unknown, the real, authentic rave scene died out around 1995.
"In St. Louis the real rave parties were thrown by La Surreal Discotheque (LSD) not these posers of today known as The Boogie Knights"
by dindin&bacchus March 22, 2004
The only purpose of staying up 'till dawn on a work-night.
I went to this badass rave and I had work the next day.
by dephcon9 June 05, 2010
usually and most typically an underground party/gathering not literally underground where ravers come together to listen and dance to electronica dance music (trance, techno, house, etc.)spun by djs from all over the world. raves normally last from the previous night to early next morning before the break of dawn.
meeh and mah crew went to a rave last nite and it wuz killer listenin to space grl!!! we didn get home til 3am.
by evil2in87 October 25, 2005
funfunfun for everyone exept mean narrow minded labelers who dont know how to have fun
DJ Venom is coming to that rave on august 2nd
by mAgGiE July 05, 2003

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