v. to create intricate hand motions, improvising involved, while both hands are grabbing glow sticks. This art form is extremely popular at technology college parties where 90% of the people are Asian. Can be done at a rave (see above), or dance, club, party, etc. where techno (maybe trance) is played. Can be done with strings for the twirling effect. The basic configuration consists of a bent over figure-eight, meant to drive people on x out of their f'ing minds. (Also popular at CTY dances. lol...) Highly respected form of urban dance.
"Dude, you should see Devin rave... he owns the dance floor with those sticks."

"Yeah, well, Dave can kick his raving ass with his glow sticks."

"Jeannie owns them both. She's got raving style."

"Do you rave? Can you teach me how to rave?"
by OfEternity August 25, 2004
1. to applaud a enthusiastically

2. a very enthusiastic description, review, etc

3. an underground party, especially involving illegal drugs
The movie has been given quite a rave.
by The Return of Light Joker February 10, 2012

a form of dancing; sometimes with glowsticks

a place where people dance such as in a warehouse
1) R.adical A.udio V.isual E.xperience= R.A.V.E.

2) wow look at that dude rave

3) hey, you going to the rave tonight?
by Poiizon August 04, 2008
An underground party in which electronic music is played, dancing occurs in a very free-form fashion. The dress of the partygoers is quite unrestrained. It is rumoured that there is ALWAYS drug use involved, but this is not ALWAYS correct. There are straight-edge ravers who don't take part in drug use. Like me.
I went to a rave yesterday. It was mad phat, illin' like a villian.
by DJ Matt Atom June 17, 2003
1)Talk wildly or incoherently, as if one were delirious or insane.
2)A gathering have music blasting, sometimes smoking drugs involved.
1)"Dad, I'm totally Rave!"
2)I can't remember a thing from that rave last night!
by LuluBubu October 01, 2013
Radical Audio & Visual Experience: the acronym form of the word rave
always practice P.L.U.R while at a R.A.V.E
by anabolic tonic October 02, 2007
A gathering on land in the open air of 100 or more persons (whether or not trespassers) at which amplified music is played during the night..."music" includes sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.
rave hotline: 02992 9992
by Duncan Crossland October 01, 2006
Dance,dance party.......I think :3
Lets do the rave!
by Year3000 January 27, 2014

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