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The widely disseminated belief that the average Dravidian man is a hypermuscular black goonda & macrophallic superman endowed with unmatched physical strength, extremely large genitalia & superlative sexual prowess. Named after Ravana the Great, the deified Dravidian King of Lanka who is portrayed with these attributes in both the Indo-Aryan Ramayana & the Dalit-Dravidian Ravayana.

The belief that the typical Non-Brahmin South Indian is a Dravidian Sex God who is the ultimate attraction for women of all races is based on the superior size of the Black Dravidian Penis or South Indian Penis, which repeated clinical measurements have proven to be significantly larger on average than the fair Caucasoid Penis in general, & the Indo-Aryan Penis or North Indian Penis in particular.

Meanwhile, the ancient stereotype regarding the invincibility of Madrasi Muscle is founded on the world-wide successes of feared South Indian Goondas, Kalaripayattu martial artists, aggressive Dalit Panthers & lethal Andhra Black Cobra Gangs. It is further bolstered by historical military victories of the dreaded Nawabi Telinga Regiments, the war-like Tamil Tigers, Britain's
intimidating 'Malabar Negroes' & the triumphant Madras Regiment.

A major consequence of this Oriental counterpart of the Mandingo Stereotype is that Caucasoid-Mongoloid men usually feel sexually & physically inferior to Dalit-Dravidian men.
1) Delhi Boy: I'm so jealous of Dravida men! I wish I was a Madrasi, then I'd have a big black Dravidian Dick instead of my short pink Indus Inch & all women would love me!
Black Madrasan: That Ravana Stereotype again! While the Dravidian Penis is ON AVERAGE bigger, not every Southie is hung!

Yahya Khan: The only reason we lost is because of those damned Sambar Niggers from your Madras Regiment!
Indira Gandhi: Just face it, General Sahib - Your Paki Boys can never compete with our Malabar Negroes, whether above the belt, or below!
Yahya Khan: That's just propaganda - that stupid Ravana Steretype!
Indira Gandhi: And some stereotypes are just so true!

3) The Ramayana itself portrays Ravana of Lanka as irresistible to women of all races: "He was a priest of Shaiva school ... He was most handsome. It is said that many of the daughters of Devas, Asuras, Nagas, Gandharvas, Ṛṣis and kings, offered themselves to be the queens of Rāvaṇa because of his handsomeness, & they enjoyed with him in his palace." - 'Hindu culture & caste system in India' Sunder Lal Sagar. N Delhi: Uppal Book Store, 1975 p.169.

Likewise: "Such is Ravana's charm and appeal that some of these queens helped Ravana to steal them, and one lady killed her brothers who would have stopped her, and drank their blood and turned to Ravana with red mouth. I think women are more cruel than demons." (Ramayana, William Buck. LA: Univ of Calif. Press, 2000: 180)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 23, 2012

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