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Someone whose presence makes the place more lively !!!!
Raunak had crept in the function as soon as HE came
by Crimson Daffy February 05, 2010
Raunak is the hottest male ever to be found on Earth. His presence makes women go wild, and his aura is undefeatable. Sexy. Sexy. Hotttt.
You can only wish to be Raunak!
by God/Bhagwan June 07, 2011
Raunak means a figure of awesomeness. Somebody who is a born leader and a great man. He is loved by many, and he loves all. Simply brilliant person.

Raunak also describes inredibe good looks and unbelievable sexiness mixed with sensational hotness, creating a concoction of simply handsome.

Raunak is also, somebody who has great humour and terrific love. Everybody loves him. He is fun loving.
Look at that guy! He's a Raunak! OMG, it's unbelievable.
by Rahul+SoniaG June 07, 2011
a bird..precisely a black crow which loves to fly around..
Hey, did you see that raunak? Its awesomely black!!
by deathfreek April 24, 2011
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