A male person with an enormous heart. Usually likes to eat peoples cookies and steal women's hearts. Humble and honest with a lot to give to the world.
He's Raul that's why I love him.
by Booskiez21 July 28, 2014
To flail hands uncontrollably.
That gay orchestra maestro just raul'd the heck out of Beethoven Symphony 7.
by Safety, it doesn't matter August 06, 2012
New President of Communist Cuba. In certain provinces of Cuba he is referred as "Dirty Sanchez" due to some unusual tactics as Defense Minister of Cuba during the rule of Fidel.
Presidente Raul is a commie chud eating bastard!
by Jose Cubano February 24, 2008
Best graff tagger in the world.Lives in tucson,AZ and has the best Krew in the world USK!!!!!!!!!!!!
That Raul is sick!!
by Skemmer May 27, 2009
Verb for a cocky guy who sucks on big baboons and has a unnatural addiction to eating ostrich eggs with mayo. and lil spicy mustard on the side. He looks bad in pink shirts
DAMN! that crazy bitch is RAUL!...or...eww it smells like RAUL
by b and d marracas January 14, 2009
A derogatory term for a male of Latino decent.
What day is it again tomorrow, Cinco de Mayo? Sheeeit that means we're going to have to suffer through the Raul Day Parade.
by Nasty Nayeem January 03, 2008
A Retarted 4rm Da 209
U Suck Raul, U Smell Like Raul, U R So Fucken Raul
by Acid209 June 20, 2006

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