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One could call him a spicy, hot, delicious man of all men. Has the reputation of capturing hearts with his smile. Gorgeous backside! He is completely devoted to the one he loves. An absolutely AMAZING lover! This spanish hottie has women worshipping after one night of romance.
#sexy #hot #amazing body #spanish #lover
by lady lirsha February 04, 2010
Raul is a person who will really knock you off your feet. He's very handsome and charming and will argue his way to getting what he wants. You won't really find many Raul's out there. He's very unique and different and he will always makes a girl laugh her heart out. A Raul would be the most perfect person to be your boyfriend, but you would have to put up with the fighting. It's all worth it though. If you ever meet a Raul, you would want him in your life forever.
"Stop being such a Raul, you're making me blush!"
"You're so funny and cute! You have got to be a Raul."
#amazing #charming #incredible #funny #determined
by sweetie041608 May 23, 2010
That one guy who will make you fall in love instantly. He has an amazing smile, and braces. He's so caring, and definitely not a player. He's a great kisser. The type of guy you want to be with forever. Certainly not like most other guys.
Girl One - "I love Raul!"
Girl Two - "I know, he's so perfect for you!"
#hot #sexy #nice #smart #amazing
by ThatGirl<333 March 11, 2011
Words are not sufficient to define such a glorious name. Seemingly of latin origin, the name has been linked to the name of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra. Like the Egyptian God, the Raul's of the world tend to shine like the sun. They are the most important people in the lives of those who know them, and all who dare defy this belief are normally smited for their blasphemy. Raul's also tend to care for the needs of the peasants that surround them by listening and showing slight amounts of love. The most important thing is that if the world were without Raul's, it would be as if the world were without the sun.
"Why is it raining so much today?"

"Raul didn't come to school."

"That Explains it"
#raul #ra #name #badass #god
by derpyderp May 09, 2012
Raul is a great guy. He is adventurous and spontaneous. When you’re having a bad day you go to him because you know that he will make you laugh. There isn’t many Raul’s out there and that’s what makes them special. He has a nice smile; he knocks you off your feet with that smile. That same smile captures a lot of hearts. He’s charming and handsome and he’s the type of guy you would want to be with forever.
That Raul has a great smile
#raul #nice smile #handsome #charming #spontaneous
by bbrelish March 31, 2011
Total hottie! The most amazing person you know! All the girls want him and all the guys want to be him! You know you what to get lost in his gorgeous eyes. He's a natural at soccer. A sweet heart, the only person you will trully be happy with.

Get yourself a Raul today!
Girl 1: Raul was extremely sexy when he would that soccer game yesterday.

Girl 2: You totaly like him.

Girl 1: I know.
#raul #hot #soccer #rual #paul #rural
by MsGlambitious March 06, 2012
El Capitan of the best football team in the world, Real Madrid. Has scored the most goals ever in the Champions League. Whole name Raúl Gonzales Blanco. That idiot Aragones should take him back in the Spanish national team for euro2008 now that he's back on his top form.
Raul together with Ruud van Nistelrooy form the best ever striker pair in 4-4-2 formation.
#raúl #real madrid #football #van nistelrooy #el capitan
by Enrico Costacampo January 08, 2008
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