adj. A term for someone who is either:

1. a wreck at 9 am

2. Disheveled usually due to drinking
3. Ugly as sin because of poor life choices
4. unable to keep it together
Example 1:

*whore/ obvious prostitute walks by*

friend: she mad ratchet!!!

other friend: i know right ew
Did you see Jody this morning? She was lookin ratchet!
by Jstart April 09, 2016
a ghetto girl, opposite and classy and elegant, showing cleavage, very sexual drunk alot of the times, also twerking and stripping, u get the idea...
She was shaking her booty during class, that girl hella ratchet.
by Kwa Say December 07, 2015
One who is going against you, disagrees with you, or does somthing you do not like or favor.

This use of the word has been developed by none other than Manuel Fletes , or as he likes to call himself, " The Greatest Piano Player of All Time!!"

When using this word, a how is added to the sentence before using it, ranging from 1 to 5 how's, and is also presented with a snap or finger wag for each how.

And a how dare you is usually thrown in there as well..
Cristian you ditched me at lunch!!!!! How how how hooooow dare you! You ratchet!!!!!
by Cristian Trump November 26, 2015
An African Americans fake hair also known as "weave" that smells like ass or looks like messy pubes.
Eeew sharkisha has some ratchet.
by moneymorebish August 03, 2015
Messed up and poorly put together. Messy looking things such as makeup, hair, and outfits. Often lay used on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. Maine people say they look ratchet but they actually look perfect. Some people are REALLY ratchet every day!
My hair looks so "ratchet" today! Ugh.
by Ratchetqueen March 16, 2015
Pertaining to or relating to monkeys and primates of all sorts.
"Have you seen that video with wild boar and monkeys?" - Person 1
"I just watched it. It's so ratchet!" - Person 2
by Argenti_Knowit March 06, 2015
Of, or relating to a person (i.e. usually a humanoid) originating from the municipality of Brampton, Ontario.
"I've never seen anything in my life more ratchet than that hello-kitty purse/bandanna combo"
by DoctorGreen March 01, 2015
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