An ugly ass girl or a ghetto girl
that fe gotta 14 inch weave...ratchet ass breezy...
by jeRkinIzaHaBbit September 27, 2009
to be ghetto
to be unclassy
Look at how she act and dress... She so ratchet.
by dChante April 25, 2011
Female version of a tool.
Can be used to describe something that looks slutty or trashy.
"Dude, don't sleep with her! She is one of the biggest ratchets!"
"I am looking really ratchet! I need to go clean up."
by VitalK February 15, 2010
A slang word for ghetto
Gurllll, that five dollar Coach purse you bought at T.J. Maxx is so RATCHET!
by FoshizzleShrimp March 20, 2011
Means Nasty,Crazy, Incredible
Man that girl was fuckin Ratchet.
by GuttaKing August 26, 2008
Slang term for a gun
He pulled out the ratchet and started dumpin
by Logielow June 01, 2006
a hood nigga, hood bitch, or person thats just out of hand or out of control for no reason and dont give a fuck what you think. a person wild'n out or doin somethin ridiculous cause they can. like BUY NEW RIMS FOR YOUR CAR WHEN YOU AINT GOT NO JOB OR GOIN OFF AT WORK ON YO BOSS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU NEED THAT JOB... a word to describe a certain type of ghetto person...
by dcmoney05 July 03, 2010

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