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A word that people use to call something "ghetto" or the equivalent of "ghetto".

The irony lies in that 95% of the time, a "ghetto" person is using the word.
Person 1: She so ratchet gurl.
Person 2: Oh the irony.
by DHM February 08, 2013
Girls who are very gross & very fake.
Celia is f***ing ratchet, so gross. She looks like she hasnt taken a shower in weeks.
by Yolo45827 September 15, 2013
Ah the ratchet. Previously thought to be an endangered species has experienced a population surge with the release of Miley Cyrus' twerking music video and hip hop songs encouraging "ratchet hoes" to keep doin their thang
Gah. I thought ratchets were all gone but then I saw Noop walkin round the otha day and sho nuff ratchet tricks back dawg
by Notratchettt September 10, 2013
A term to describe a person who is ignorantly oblivious to how trashy they are (see ratchet). However, this person is slightly more classy than ratchet, hence the French pronunciation, rah-shay.
"Oh man look at that classy girl in the Prada dress holding her shoes stumbling on her walk of shame. That's so Ratchét."
by Pricklypears August 24, 2013
a ghetto, nasty bitch; out of pocket
person 2: SHE RATCHET !
by unratchetho3 November 06, 2012
the act of being unusual or crazy
Edem: Damn my mama was trippin

Jasmine: I know wut u mean...she wasn't bein too ratchet was she?
by Jazzy F. January 16, 2008
Ghetto. Ugly as fuck and they think they're hot and stylish yet they wear heels from kmart. They get their baby phat clothes at goodwill. Their weave is so unkempt and tangled as hell. Cellulite body with slutty clothes that are all one color. Basically Nicki Minaj if she was poor and ghetto.
Girl you so raaaatchet!
Nigga I ain't dat ratchet doe.
by 21jumpstreetgirl January 07, 2014
Breanna D
-whos that one ratchet girl
-you mean Breanna D
by swag wafflez December 28, 2013