A word that people use to call something "ghetto" or the equivalent of "ghetto".

The irony lies in that 95% of the time, a "ghetto" person is using the word.
Person 1: She so ratchet gurl.
Person 2: Oh the irony.
by DHM February 08, 2013
a mispronunciation of the word "wretched" used to refer to all the thirsty girls or girls you don't like.
Guy: Yo, the girl is ratchet!
Me: You're an idiot, it's pronounced "wretched."
by That one nergy guy from math January 22, 2015
Ratchet is a of a hand gun (burner, steel, gat or toast) these ways of labeling wepons were used to cover the topic without changing the meaning. Mostly covered by NYkers
Get the ratchets ready, we're going to work tonight
by HellenicBlood December 19, 2014
A tool used in farming for digging up roots , now used as "ugly" or " dresses badly " or "looking like a hoe " .
Man that girl is ratchet !
Benny , give me that ratchet to dig up these beet roots .
Ratchet does not mean ugly , dressing badly , or looking like a hoe / slut .
by KNC1990 November 16, 2014
When something is just ugly or some crap like that, a lo,bax from ratchet and clank, a tool
Ratchet is a weirdo
by Urbanman100 June 19, 2016
Ratchet was a call sign for an USAF Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance plane. One particular Plane "Ratchet 33" crashed of the horn of Africa on Feb. 18th 2012. Good men were aboard, and lost their lives. Should you use the word ratchet derogatorily in front of me I will ask you to stop. If you will not stop, I will stop you. Find a new oppressive term for women, or I don't know treat them with some goddamned respect.
Ignorant Kid: That girl was ratchet!
Me: Friends of mine died on a mission called ratchet, could you use another word around me?
Ignorant Kid: Man If a bitch is rat... <sounds of me removing his voice box>
via giphy
by StrangerDangerRanger June 04, 2016
1) An uncommon or useless tool or item (usually scattered in a garage)

2) A character from the game "Ratchet and Clank"

3) Someone who us being used by another person
1) "I have way too many ratchets in my garage"

2) "I can't wait for the new Ratchet and Clank game!"

3) "Wow, Chell is treating Nicole like a ratchet"
by becauseimapotato May 25, 2016
When you do something, generally (sexual) late at night, that is out of character; a little sketchy, but okay.
Emorie: Yea I went to Matt's dorm on a Monday at 1:30am. While we were making out, he bit my neck and slapped my ass.
Dawn: That's ratchet.
by bdeisbitches May 25, 2016
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