A word that people use to call something "ghetto" or the equivalent of "ghetto".

The irony lies in that 95% of the time, a "ghetto" person is using the word.
Person 1: She so ratchet gurl.
Person 2: Oh the irony.
by DHM February 08, 2013
Urban slang for "wretched".
That basic bitch is totally ratchet!
by Metalitia May 24, 2015
A ratchet is a mechanical device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction.
I had to use a ratchet to get the nuts off my bicycle tire to change it.
by tmbstne284 May 23, 2015
When something is kind of grimy yet classy at the same time.
(Pronounced Rah-Shay)
Girl 1: Omg you're drinking champagne while wearing a trash bag? You're so fucking ratchet hunny.
Girl 2: Bitch no I'm ratchét; don't get it twisted!
by fartney January 07, 2015
a term used for a gun, cannon ,blow torch, tool
Heard that nigga came through squeezing on a ratchet
by yooulookin December 30, 2015
Hey I'm working on my car, I need to buy a new ratchet
by GOODBADYESNO January 31, 2015
When your about to punch one off and you rub one out as you let it out, releasing large amounts of pressure both physically and psychologically.
Jimmy is on the toilliet preforming a ratchet on himself, it's gonna be a while.
by Wolfpack3 June 18, 2016
adj. A term for someone who is either:

1. a wreck at 9 am

2. Disheveled usually due to drinking
3. Ugly as sin because of poor life choices
4. unable to keep it together
Example 1:

*whore/ obvious prostitute walks by*

friend: she mad ratchet!!!

other friend: i know right ew
Did you see Jody this morning? She was lookin ratchet!
by Jstart April 09, 2016
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