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A Folk Metal band from Argentina that has realeased 7 albums, their first album (Rata Blanca) was released in the '88 and their latest album (El Camino Del Fuego) was released in the 2002. In english the name means "White Rat".
"Desde la oscuridad buscan con su poder
esclavizar al ser humano.
Brujos de la maldad,
quieren resucitar a las legiones de su rey.

Invadirán, desde lo infernal buscarán vencer a Dios.
Gris nube que busca aniquilar a la misma luz del sol...

Y los verás llegar, pájaros de metal.
Escucharás batir sus alas sobre el mar.
Puño de imperio cruel, pretende someter,
cuando la humanidad, busca su libertad." --Sinfonía Fantástica
by Rayne April 28, 2005
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a kick ass metal band from Argentina that had music featured in the gnarliest video of all time, Toy Machine's Good and Evil.
"Rata Blanca kicks ass"
by bukkake January 28, 2005
An Ass Kicking Band From Argentina .
Guy #1 - " Hey , You Know Rata Blanca ? "

Guy #2 - " Of Course ! They Are Ass Kicking ! "

Guy #1 - " Holy Shit I Know ! "

Both - *Jump Up And High Five Each Other*

Guy #2 - " Okay Let's Never Do That Agian "

Guy #1 - " Agreed , But Rata Blanca Is Still Ass Kicking . "
by Gabinna April 16, 2009

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