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Rat Tactics is a type of tactic used in many games and sports, its an unsportsmenship tactic that is often frowned apon by the opposition and/or spectators.

The art of a rat tactic is to utilise a rule or maneuver in such away gives the apponent a disadvantage. Some people would consider rat tactics as cheating but infact it 99% of the time it isnt!

Any Dirty/Unfair/Unsportsman like tactic can be considerd a "Rat Tactic". Not to be Confused with Drain Tactics which is an illegal tactic.

A Few Examples of Rat Tatics:
In A Sports match deliberatly injuring the oppositions best players.
In a fight, hitting below the belt or eye gouching
In a Written Test Discreetly Asking Other people for anwers
In A Game of snooker, diberatly hitting the apponents ball away from the pocket.
Jason: Did you guys win the netball last nite?
Kayla: Nah those bitches used "Rat Tactics" and Took out half our Team.

Jason: I Cant belive you passed that maths test Jonney. how did u do it?
Jonney: Yeh it was easy, just copied the first few and used "Rat Tactics" for the rest

Sophie: Herd about you fight Ash. You could of fought fairly bad you had to use "Rat Tactics"
by Str8rippin June 14, 2010
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