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The orgasmicly delicious culinary creations of the Rastafari. These gifts from the heavens are best when sold from a cart in a busy city gathering place. No single human being can truly fathom the pure power contained in a single meal, and thusly must return as often as possible for the delicacies that cause complete out of body experiences.
Person 1:"Bros want to grab some Rastanomz?"
Person 2:"Yeah dood I'm definitely ready to have my mind blown today!"
Person 3:"I don't think I want to today, I'm not in the mood."
*Person 1 and 2 (with help from bystanders) beat person 3 to death and leave him in the city square to be made an example of*
*Person 1 and 2 then go enjoy some great Rastanom*
by RastaNomNommer August 20, 2010
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