Gregory Rasputin

Died:December 31, 1916
Cause of Death: multiple causes

Gregory Rasputin was an Eastern Orthodox monk from Siberia. He was unwashed, unclean, and unshaven. Rasputin was a carousing womaniser and monk with a 13 inch schlong. He developed close ties to the czar and his family and heeled czarovich Alexi's heamophila. His sexual appitite aroused all the women close to the czar but alienated all the czars relatives. One of the relatives prince Felix, conspired to kill Rasputin on December 31, 1916, New Year's Eve for being a bad influence on the Czar during World War I. He and other conspiritors poisioned all of Rasputin's food and wine with cyanide. One of the conspiritors dressed like a gypsy woman for the party. Rasputin swallowed enough poison to kill four horses. He was shot several times, stabbed, strangled, assaulted, castrated, and he was drowned in the Neva river in St. Petersburg. Three days later Rasputin was dead. Rasputin's murder was a death sentence for Czar Nicholas II and his family. Czar Nicholas II and his family was shot and murdered in 1918 in a Red Russian occupied middle class home.

Theory of Rasputin's life span: I beleve that the reason why Rasputin survived murder attempt arter murder attempt was that he had a bio-chemical in his system that kept him alive.
by Le Mans July 17, 2005
1. a song by boney m.
2. a slutty man ho that said he could perform miracles and heal the queen's son. aka. a lier
1:rasputin is a damn good song.

2:person 1: see that evil hairy man over there??
person 2: yeah...
person 3: yeah, that's rasputin
by ze_kimster January 15, 2005
Taking feces (shit) and smearing it all over the walls of a house while the inhabitant(s) are not home. Many times the shit will spell a word or make a design.
Lamar rasputined Tyrell's house because he was owed money for the weed he sold to him on credit.
by Don Everest April 07, 2005
Villen in the animated musical 'Anastasia'. Unlike the real Russian monk, Rasputin was a soulless, limbo-dwelling psycho with a magic reliquary that allowed him to summon demons from hell to aid him in killing Anastasia.
In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning,
And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be,
It scared me out of my wits,
A corpse falling to bits,
Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was ME!

by k00ld00d321 January 16, 2005
A Russian anomaly. Like Jesus, did unexplainable things, except that Rasputin was evil.
They didn't just stab, shoot, burn, and kick him, they also poisoned him and drowned him, and yeah, he was still somewhat alive.
by Loki July 03, 2003
Come on guys, this is a very hairy girl-down there.
Jes, Bill, tell your girlfriend to shave. When I went down on her, Rasputin was waitin for me.
by gogo April 28, 2004
A nose hair that has become long enough to protrude visibly out of the nostril.
Did you see that guy's nose hair? I thought he was going to put my eye out! He needs to trim those rasputin's.
by Brandon H. March 31, 2006
basically what urban pervert says except he only had 12 inch cock and he died immediately after it was cut off..the rest is crap..i aint know much about this nigga other then all his "magical F*cking powers" came from him smoking argela which i am doing as we speak
Raputin was a Russian nigga who hit weed and argela everyday after f*cking the czar's wife
by Weiled El Jieradet May 06, 2005

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