one who does not stop talking after he or she is told to;chatterbox
yo' Raspin, this is class time!
by none of yo\' biz June 20, 2003
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hard working and dedicated to the task
greg has been raspin on his computer all day.
by james kirkpatrick November 04, 2003
The act in which a cat omits several short, raspy-like meows, in order to alert a person for food or attention.
Tucker is hungry, he has been raspin' for food all morning!
by leroypm90 November 02, 2012
a stud
crap, that guy is such a raspin!
by max November 04, 2003
an alternative to the term metrosexual, a heterosexual person who is so shockeningly gay that he is actually straight
I thought he was gay, but he's really just a raspin.
by james November 04, 2003
a beutiful girl that is a drama queen
look she is such a raspin

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