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Origin of the term: Raging Asian
An Asian which is engaged in raging activities and/or a raging environment
An Asian with loss of control and an appetite for good times
A term solely applied to individuals rooted to Asia
Ping Pong Wong is a Rasin
by RAYMONS087273 January 23, 2010
Raisin is another word for a random asian. It mixes the R in random and the word asian. It is a word used by toronto high school students in schools overpoppulated by the asian community.
Hey Evy, have you seen that crowd of rasins at lunch?

Look at those rasins play chess in the middle of the hall way.
by efag September 16, 2010
A Cats Anus. Whst you see when a cat points it's rear end at you.
Woah... ...Check out that rasin.
by 42BP October 01, 2006
Slang term for marijuana primarily used in Bloomsburg, Pa.
Wanna go do some rasins?
by Funk February 03, 2004
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