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A middle eastern name, typically from India, referring to goddess like skin and eyes, usually green.
The name literally means 'sunlight', and 'moonlight'. Her equal, or twin, is connected with the word 'Alina', as the name Alina means 'light'. For a Rashmika to find her twin is very rare and has only occurred in one circumstamce, rumored to be in the U.S.
Girls with the name Rashmika a usually very beautiful, as the term sunlight comes from their luxurious olive skin and their luschious jet black hair. The term moonlight comes from her green eyes, rare when paired with olive skin, but always super gorgeous.

A green eyed, olive skinned, black haired goddess, known for her beauty and wit and her unbeatable seduction skills.
Holy crap, I just saw Rashmika by the river!She gave me a slap on the cheek for approaching her... I JUST DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN. SHE TOUCHED ME.

Omg! Did you hear? Rashmika and Alina are twins!
by Rashalina June 10, 2013
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