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Synonym for amazing, found in all major dictionaries
Being hench whilst having unbelievable tekkers.
OMG I love him, he's Rashid!
by Madting1 May 17, 2011
1. Synonym for Batman (Bruce Wayne).
2. Ninja.
3. College student who knows more about true Hip-Hop than B.E.T., Chris Brown, T.I., T. Pain, and many other rappers combined.
1. person 1: "Where's Rashid?"
person 2: "Do you mean Batman?"

2. Rashid is so ninja! (or) Rashid's a ninja!

3. Rashid says: "If you want true Hip-Hop look at Common, Ice Cube, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Tupac, Biggie Smalls,..."

by yoei October 22, 2007
a guy who goof around about sex and if you get near he well act that he's going to rape you so he's more like a pedophile and a hardcore about FPS games and a little bit about RPG also like listen to rap he's favorite rappers are eminem - lilwyan and wiz khlifa
Rashid:*goof's around*

you:get the fuck down -_-

Rashid:*humps you from behind*
by mrl33tnoob May 20, 2011
Black person that thinks they are Emo!
GUY 1: Can black people be emo
GUY 2: Naww that is just a Rashid!
by adriegan1 June 24, 2009