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A wonderful girl who finds darkness intriguing.
She has beautiful green eyes and a sexy body.
She cares about everyone and hates disappointing people.
Her friends mean the world to her, but family is a priority.
She could get any guy she wants but is very picky when it comes to choosing a man.
She is a perfectionist and an amazing singer.
Hey Olivia, I heard you tried to slander a girl's name!
Yeah Olivia, you definitely are no Rasaja.
by NoHaTeR_jUsTsIsTeR July 15, 2011
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noun. Pertaining to human of the female gender.
Extremely attractive but nothing other than a flirt
Interest in males last about 2 months at the most
Known for amazing body and green eyes and LONG black hair
Enjoys seeing others jealous
Switches from being totally chill to being a bitch
Don't get too attached, she won't last long
"What happened to that girl you were seeing?"
"Yeah, she turned out to be a big Rasaja."
by xXDontBeHatinXx June 27, 2011

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