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1: "RaRaRa" is only spoken by the most adorable things in the world, if Kittens could talk, they would say "Rarara". same goes for baby penguins and puppies.

2: Means "Im adorable"
Girl: "Rarara" n__n
Guy: "AWWWW!! <3"
by JayChey January 07, 2007
Phrase usually used as an insult against young privately-educated upper-middle class Britons to mock their snobbish, privileged lifestyle and attitudes.
Oh, Oakholme Lodge ra ra ra!
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
A phrase used to express great annoyance at a particular subject. Used to save time on explaining yourself.
"I have just knocked over your pint"
"Ra ra ra!"
by Gibra October 21, 2007
all you here wen someone is complaining or bitching at u constantly.

not to be confused with wah wah wah from charle brown although they are close
janette: you never listen to me rarara

jim: didnt hear anything but ra ra ra
by ddirty420 January 20, 2010
The general information in a sentance...can normally be replaced by "you get the idea"
Cat, Mat ra ra ra...................
by Radioactivemonkeys.com_Harvey November 15, 2004
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