one who constantly talks nonsense; overtalkative moron
I can't understand a thing this ra-ra is saying. It's like he's speaking some other language.
by constromlie August 28, 2008
a saying they use at show time at apollo
(boy trying to rap)
michel:im going to boo his ass off the stage
bre:me 2

both of us said ra ra and crowd joins in
by brezzydashit March 17, 2008
a replacement word for words like fuck or a sexual organ.
Damn girl i cant wait to get you back to my house so we can rara.

Lemme see your rara

That girl is so fine i rara myself to her every night
by Pumpkin King 28 September 21, 2010
1)A real sexy fly guy
2)a special someone who ain't just a playa
He has a sexy body, he's a real rara.
Rara is so special to me becuase he's so sweet and not like most guys.
by Pri March 07, 2005
1. As in "Ra Ra Retard"
2. Dumbass move at a party
Mike was such a ra ra last night for puking on himself while passed out on the couch.
by anonymous January 02, 2005
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