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1. The most beautiful and amazing girl ever.
2. Extremely sweet and kind and just so LOVABLE. Everyone wishes to be with this girl.
3. To be caught by a truly wonderfully amazing women.
4. Someone you will do everything and anything to make happy and keep a smile on her face.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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The type of upper class english youth who talks with an affected accent, knows people who know people who know prince harry (and call him 'hazza'), who calls his mother 'mummy' even at the age of 23 and wears polo shirts and rugby shirts with the collars popped. So called because of the fact that when a ra ra laughs it sounds like they're shouting 'ra ra ra' to each other. Usually nice enough, if a bit pretentious. May have a swimming pool and a tendency to wear bright pink shirts. Might look gay, but usually just metrosexual.
Synonyms: ra boy, hooray henry
"I was at durham university the other day, and it's filled with ra ras there'
'is he gay?' 'no, metro. He's a real ra ra'
by Sabazius July 14, 2008
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In reference to a smokin' hot girl. Used originally in a Dave Chappelle show skit after.
This club is filled with rara's tonight!
by skierpony August 30, 2007
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A shortened verbal version of "IRA" (Irish Republican Army), used predominantly in the north of Ireland.
"Up the RA!"

"His son joined the RA."
by Sean Tracey May 01, 2005
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adjective. describing a person who's generally on bullshit
guy 1: ay dude get off of my girl

guy 2: man she came up to me so get off that ra ra
by cj262 September 29, 2009
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A tweed wearing English Gent. The polo, gentlemans club type, who has a major pole up his arse.
"Jolly Good Old Chap RA RA, now boy suck my cock"!!!
by bobbydazzler May 03, 2006
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I say that when I want to encourage, cheer up, urge on someone
We are going to have an interesting talk given by a guest speaker tomorrow. Call your friends and ra-ra them
by Intrepidusa January 13, 2011
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