when a girl is being fucked up the ass in her vagina giving two hand jobs and a blow job all at the same time.
" Why are those five guys coming out of that room smiling."
" Marissa is in there and she did the raptor. "
by Brad1211 September 30, 2007
rap•tor (rap-ter)
1. A famous rapper who is angling his career towards performing as an untrained actor in movies. A rapper whose attempt at playing any role other than a thug would be laughable.
2. A music performer turned hack actor; usually relegated to playing some version of his or her music career persona.
3. Any hip hop artist who uses profits from album sales to pay dues to the Screen Actor's Guild. Much like the prehistoric raptor, this subspecies will one day be extinct.
"Fiddy's work as a raptor is almost as disappointing as his work in music."
"At this point in his career to consider Ludacris as anything more than a raptor would be... well... ludicrous."
"Beyonce's work on-screen as a raptor is cringe-worthy."
"The raptors are a pestilence that is slowly squeezing out our potential for finding the next Don Cheadle."
by Spider Goodlegs June 11, 2006
An ugly ass girl. Opposite of baldy
That girl is a raptor. I would never get on her!
by MMMiiiDDD February 27, 2005
A really crap basketball team.
person 1: Are you going to see the raptors tonight?
person 2: Why would i see such a crap team?
by Mc.Feather May 14, 2006

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