A word similar to tight or cool.
Bryan #1:Nice Watch
Callie: Yo, That is so raptor.
by Bryan Jacobs September 09, 2008
A VTOL (vertical take off and land) aircraft in ut2k4 Onslaught mode that has lockon missies and can squish people too.
Noobs always steal the raptor from the good players and crash it within 50 feet.
by raZe February 20, 2004
When you make a girl cum so good she pulls her arms in at the elbows and she looks like a t-rex or raptor.
I had that bitch looking like a raptor all night.
by Soultaker5 November 17, 2006
Rapid Male Masturbation
To have an almost painfully quick wank
Maybe because of lack of time or to beat your record.
1)"Yeah man, I knocked out a raptor on the bus this morning"
2)"43 seconds! Who would have thought?!"
by Dewface February 29, 2008
one of the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world combineing stealth and a kick ass weapons system the raptor as it is known can kick the shit out of anyother fighter but it might lose in a close in dogfight with a Su-37 but the 37 is not a mass produced aircraft and the raptor still has a long way to go to be like the F-15 eagle
i was flying a F-5 tigershark and a raptor came out of nowhere and knocked me out of the sky
by mobius1 September 24, 2007
An engine mechanic of the 5th RS in south Korea. Generally an alcoholic womanizer who rates women's looks by how many beers it would take to do her. Has the innate ability to double fist beers and cigarettes at the same time. Also has the nasty habits of kicking people in the nuts and getting into a shitload of trouble.
"Man, those raptors never do any fucking work, I wish I got to pick my job..."
by Little Raptor September 26, 2007
when a girl is being fucked up the ass in her vagina giving two hand jobs and a blow job all at the same time.
" Why are those five guys coming out of that room smiling."
" Marissa is in there and she did the raptor. "
by Brad1211 September 30, 2007
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