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Rapid Onset Pussy, n . {acronym, R.O.P.}

(1) Consensual, rapidly initiated unexpected sex with an unexpected woman at an unexpected time. Can be initiated by either party and must immediately follow introduction.

(2) The phenomena of sudden female attraction that is articulated through the physical act of consensual love, coitus, within the first 48 hours of a relationship.

(3) An unexpected, unpaid sexual encounter with a new, strange, partner.

DAVE: "So you didn't even know that girl? Never met?"

PRIMO: Ummm, YEAH. But I know her now!!!


"Rebecca, just loosen up and go out and go for a ROP with the hottest guy you can find!"

"Rapid Onset Pussy has restored my faith in humanity and renewed my trust in God. Praise Jesus for ROP, for without Jesus I could not love her sweet tight ass!"

"That ROP from last night was one helluva a screamer."

"Rapid Onset Pussy loves it in the ass because all women love it in the ass. Just warm her up with a shocker then blow her fucking mind."
by Primo Primo Primo October 29, 2006

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