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The only town in the U.S. in beautiful western South Dakota where you can hear the song "welcome to the jungle" by Guns 'n Roses on a 10:00 AM sunday morning on the radio.
Guy one: Woah, Guns n' roses this early?

Guy two: Hey, it's Rapid city...
by anonymous south dakotan February 23, 2009
A pretty cool town on the Western side of South Dakota, and on the Eastern side of The Black Hills. Population is about 60,000 people. Most all of my friends live here and I'm really gonna miss the town when I leave.
Rapid City sure is a great town
by Erik Belsaas March 23, 2005
A city in Northern Michigan where 99.9percent of the population is stoned out of their mind 99.9percent of the time.
You can smell marijuana a mile away.
Everyone is so happy, I smell marijuana, I must be in Rapid City!
by McDuffiez August 10, 2008
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