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The coolest person you know
-I have POG (post orgasmic glow) from that conversation

-Thats because you just met a Raphaella
by AFairytale November 22, 2010
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Sexy ass girl, bit of a slutty edge , Latin, Nice curvy body with a Great ass. Mostly gets with guys with J's and A's shy and timid but extra wild. You cannot imagine the things Raphaellas do when they get drunk.Nice boobs, mostly brown eyed or hazel maybe green.Out going, has a lot of friends and cant count how many bestfriends she has. The girl is also a trouble maker and eats alot. Plays soccer and excersizes, also likes bears and Fritos. Also Great in bed! but I may warn this is a person not mess with them.
Boy: Damm Raphaella looking fine today
Boy 1: hell yeah im ask her out.
Boy: I heard shes hard to get1
Boy 1: yeah if you have a dick and a face like yours
by Sawtch December 08, 2010
20 9