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To Pwn, own, or annihilate.

The Unlawful use of one's reproductive organs and/or pooper.
1.) Lets rape these guys!
2.) Lets rape these guys!
by Crack ho Magazine May 14, 2009
14 280
To get beat badly. To get defeated horribly by another person.
Does yo vagina hurt? Cuz you just got raped!
by Mike February 25, 2005
138 466
1. An unwanted sexual violation (sometimes known as "surprise sex", particularly if you have a good enough lawyer) received by a female from a male (it is physically impossible for a woman to rape a man) without consent.

2. Some other kind of unwanted violation received by anybody.
1. Peter raped Jane because she said "no".

2. "Argh, this music, it rapes my ears!" Said Holly.
by Spike May 03, 2003
165 516
When someone steals or takes without permission something of value.
"Someone totally raped our cash box at the fundraiser"
by Taty October 02, 2005
54 412
A term one shouts to get out of a situation.
Person 1:Im gonna kick your ass!
Person 2:RAPE!
by KateDorraine July 12, 2008
23 398
Surprise butt sex that is illegal.
"He got raped by your mom last night!"
by Yushua January 28, 2008
58 437
when u are getting owned in a computer game then you catch up again and then u can rape however attacked u.u can rape get raped or even help som1 rape the choice is yours.
(som guy):U THOUGHT U COULD RAPE ME? u loser now im raping u!!
by holyshit September 30, 2007
14 394
An excellent way to make money off some stupid famous person. Are you tired of working day in and day out at your boring cubicle job? If so, join the thousands ho have already started their own homw business by screwing rich people out of their money. Men are gullible and EASY to take advantage of so send away for free SRS (staged rape starter) package today!
100 foot yacht? 60 room mansion? Vacation homes in southern france cand mexixo? Rape can make it happen. Remember, it's not just suprise sex, it's instant income!
by pink banana March 23, 2005
263 647