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Pirate, rapist, and cousin of Blue Beard and Red Beard. Also, the great uncle of Captain Hook.
Look out, here comes Rape Beard!

Rape Beard: ARGGHHHH!
by Beard Rape August 25, 2009
a scraggly nasty ass half beard that filthy teens have in an attempt to have a beard but they failed and they didn't even know it.
Look at Eric... He TOTALLY has a rape beard- Some Girl

Oh my god! I can't believe he rapes people!- Some other girl


You are under arrest- Cop

NO! Why? I didn't do anything!- Eric

Woah! I thought that you had just raped that person!- Cop
by IgotsumCRABZ June 24, 2009
The Rapebeard is a thick beard, much like a chin strap, except thicker. The thickness of the Rapebeard allows the rapist to perform a silent rape, because the beard muffles out the screams the victim may give.
Phil: Where's Dan?
Chris: Probably putting his Rapebeard to use.
Phil: If only we could hear the screams...
by urbanrule20 August 20, 2010