Rap music is an oxymoron, because rap is not musical. Rap is on one single pitch throughout the entire song. Some people like to pretend that rap music is musical, but people really laugh when others say that.
Billy: What are you listening to?
Bob: Nigga, Ima listenin' to rap music!
Billy: You mean rap. Not rap music.
Bob: Fo' shizzle! Ima gonna go rape my ho now!
Billy: You do that...
by thecrazymonkey January 17, 2009
Music created on a computer or recorded in short segments and then looped over and over again to set an ambient and meaningful background for the African American guy or white guy who wishes he was African American that can't sing to talk over top of it about ho's, bitches, money, "candy", or "y'all *insert one of various terms used in reference to home boyz or posers. your choice. this is where the creativity comes in*
I listen to rap music because I'm too lazy to give music a chance that might make me think, or have some meaning behind it.
by Poop DeDoop March 01, 2009
Retards Attempting Poetry. A heavy holder of this horrible genre include rich white kids trying to act gangster and like they grew up in Harlem.
Rap music isn't a true form of expression. If I was a psycho, I could ramble about people getting rape, having sex, or about "Smacking mah bitch up" for cheating on me.
by Boon McBoon climbs a shroom April 24, 2006
Musical style invented by Deborah Harry, lead singer of Blondie and perpetuated by music publishers curious to see how long; 1)African American males can continue to murder each other for trivial reasons and 2)African American females can continue to be exemplified as anonymous arm decoration and interchangable sex toys.
'It's a shame there's no handgun brand that rhymes with 'bitch' or 'ho', since it would make rap lyrics much easier to write'
by MYCRFT May 21, 2005
The worst noise none to mankind

A noise sent from hell
My ass can make better sounds than Rap Music

Hey, it beats listenin to rap music
by G January 28, 2003
A musical genre which requires no musical talent whatsoever for a variety of reasons. EVERY SINGLE black person you see has written ryhmes hoping to turn them into rap songs, getting a good beat program for your computer, and buying a rhymign dictionary is not talent. I hear kids who listen to rap say the same about rock and metal yet, some popular rap songs have actual rock songs in them. For EX: A song with Ozzy Osbourne's crazy train, a song with the song we're not gonan take it(by twisted sister I think). You want to be recognized go pick up a guitar idolize Randy Rhoades and Zakk Wylde, can't forget hendrix :D.
I have nothing to write here, rap music sucks
by General_Hax0r March 14, 2006
It is characterized by rhythmic speech or near-speech where the melody is free, but the rhythm is strict. This definition is used for Talking Blues which existed decades before rap and only lacks the egoism of rap.
That thar Woody Guthrie made some bitchin' rap music.
by HUX July 17, 2013
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