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RANTOUL- is a place that is not worth mentioning …. it is a small shit hole town where dreams are never formed, so they can never die. The town has no activities to offer except bowling, golfing, and if your young, going to the youth center. Only because the town leaders refused to expand. So the teenaged have to nothing to do but get high, drunk or pregnant. There is also no such thing as a secret. everyone will know your business, and will try to be in your business. If you don't get out of Rantoul after high school, you will most likely be stuck there Forever. staying in Rantoul is like telling yourself you don't matter to the world, because people will forget you………Rantoul isn't even worth dying in...if you die there, you where never really living.
RANTOUL, IL :remember when we where little kids in Rantoul , IL ...we never had anything to do but hang out over each others houses or walk the streets all day.
by i'm that kid.... February 17, 2012
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