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Rangy rhymes with tangy as in the lemon is tangy.

Rangy is a state of being. Gals are in the supreme bitch mode; snippy, snarky and bitchy, like the worst PMS, nasty to everybody no matter what and they think they are perfect and all that.

Guys are Rangy when they havent had sex lately.
Person 1- "Man Lindsay sure is rangy today!"

Person 2- "Today? She's always rangy, she thinks she is god's gift to earth"

Guy 1 - I'm feeling rangy today.
Guy 2 - Man, how long since you got some?
Guy 1 - Bout 2 hours ago.
by kiki5487 August 03, 2011
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the moist entry to an inslust
My what a big rangy you have
by linear soul child July 31, 2003
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Human whose body hair is of an orange or light red hue, resembling that of an orangutan
“Angus is one Rangy bastard

“Oi mate! Did ya see that bloody gingeh on the wai out o da pub?! Straight rangy! Think she scaped from the zoo!”

Bro #1: Bro, marked one off my bucket list last night!
Bro #2: What'd you do?
Bro #1: bagged me a rangy
by harpua77 August 12, 2011
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