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To summon your inner manhood- prepare yourself for an immense amount of suffering and learn to enjoy it. To man up and keep pushing either in a combat situation or a civil situation.
"Private, I don't give a f*ck if your feet are bleeding ranger up and finish this ruck march."
"Bro, this chick is super hot but shes got a fat friend who needs a companion, ranger up and be a wingman"
"Half of my equipment is broken, people are shooting at me, but I still ranger up and keep humping along"

"the fuck you mean you cant drink anymore, ranger up son"
by thatonedudewiththebigcawk October 22, 2013
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to dress/wear three or more, noticable articles of clothing of one's favorite color.
"Yo, we headin' to the mall. Ranger up and meet us there."
by Cygnus Atratus November 17, 2012
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