Pronounced with a hard G, one who has red hair. From Australian slang.
Check out the flaming ranger over there.
by G4 November 10, 2011
A dance group from southern california. They blow minds with real jerk dances and sweet moves. They put lots of badass videos out on youtube. They were gone but now they back.
Man the rangers are the realest jerkers in town.
by yuhhhhhh23 July 27, 2009
One badass muthafucka who will kill yo ass if you agress him. 4 times as powerful as his strongest friend and is addicted to seeing blood spill. He is a trained fighter and specializes in Jiu- Jitsu, Brazzilian Jiu- jitsu, and Val Tudo. He is very atractive and gets pussy twice a week. He also has a very large cock.
Girl 1: Oh, its Ranger!

by hargablar June 12, 2011
A specially-trained elite special operations component of the US Army. Rangers are not just Army; they also consist of foreign military personnel and other US military personnel who have passed Ranger school; these men and women who do not continue to serve in the Rangers but have passed Ranger school are known as "Ranger-qualified," basically meaning they completed Ranger Boot Camp. Ranger training is a 9-10 week training program for becoming Ranger-qualified, and personnel who become Ranger-qualified may then continue their training in a wide variety of fields; a "fully-trained" Ranger can have up to, and in some cases more than, three years of training and will be fully-versed in urban combat, mountaineering, combat first-aid, sniping/marksmanship, data mining, combat engineering (fancy talk for demolitions), hand-to-hand combat, knife-based combat (including throwing blades), civil pacification, jungle warfare, survival-and-evasion, artillery operation, pathfinding...the list goes on.

It should be mentioned that SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) training is often an integral part of a Ranger bound for dedicated combat duties...and it should also be mentioned that the training methods, which teaches participants how to resist interrogation in captivity...are classified. You can probably guess why.
Ranger: I finished all my training finally.

How many ways can you kill a man by now?

Ranger: With which finger?

Uh, pinky.

Ranger: 67 with my pinky alone.

So Chuck Norris has been dethroned?

Ranger: Chuck Norris was dethroned the moment the first Ranger Tab was pinned on a guy's sleeve.
by Creed of Heresy August 27, 2010
The surviving men of the west from the Tolkein's universe. The last surviving members of the numenorean race on Middle Earth.
Aragorn was a Ranger.
by Gunkglumb June 16, 2005
Not winning in 54 years, winning one cup since 1940.
The rangers have won one cup since 1940.
by Mike Smithothings April 24, 2008
One of the main glasgow football teams. Has a large sectarianism problem- many fans are protestant compared to the rival team celtic where many fans are catholic which causes friction between the supporters. There is usually alot of violence and Rangers-Celtic (old firm) matches are the worst.
Going to the Rangers match tonight?
by tashaaa May 17, 2007

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