A football team from Glasgow with a massive sectarian problem. Has a hardcore support of bigots that detest anything Catholic. Thankfully Europe has finally cottoned on and has imposed fines and sanctions on the club because of their support. The club is finally having to clean up its act after a century of shame.
Daddy, why are those men with Rangers shirts singing 'Fuck the Pope" ??
by Mharkyboy October 09, 2006
Scottish Premierleague football (soccer) club formed in 1872.
Officially Glasgow Rangers Football Club.
Play home games at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. 51,000 all-seater
Won European Cup Winners Cup in 1972
"Rangers are one of the best supported football clubs in the world"
"Some people say that Rangers vs Celtic is the biggest and most exciting derby macth in world football"
"It is essential that a club the size of Rangers aims to be champions of Europe, however their strategy for doing so does not seem to be working"
by Jack Adder December 19, 2004
Scottish soccer club. Rangers are famous in continental Europe for the hooliganism of their fans who destroyed Barcelona city centre in 1972, the first instance of what was to become known as the "English Disease". The agression of Rangers followers is such that they have become iconic for neo-nazi soccer hooligans around the world and, in 2006, were officially condemned by UEFA the sport's governing body.
The Rangers are on the rampage again
Celtic Si, Rangers No (Spanish newspaper headline in 2003)
by Frank Visca September 20, 2006
The ultimate mini truck.
Damn them little Rangers are tough buggers!
by Supa Cab! January 31, 2005
A racist football club based in glasgow. all rangers fans fly the union jack and sing the british national anthem even although the lyrics are racist towards the scottish (presumably them) they have a history of basically just being tits (1972 dynamo moscow). at the moment all they seem to do is win with no style or class (get a way with it somehow) and think that becuase they are likely to win the title this year that this makes them way better than celtic...when next year they're are basically fucked.
Kyle lafferty plays for rangers and he's a dick
it was all rangers players who bailed on scotland or fucked us over... allan mcgregor kris boyd and barry ferguson....
by anon422 March 04, 2010
a scottish team who prefer to be called a british team truly proud of the union and proud to fly the union flag in their own country but are called bigots because of this
go to a rangers game and hear god save the queen/rule brittania sung by scots, northern irish,and english rangers fans go to parkhead to hear if youve killed a british soldier clap your hands and other pro i r a drivel and see the tricolour flown in place of the union flag oh and dontwear a poppy around remembrance day or you will be lynched
by wingate wek February 10, 2008
The quintessential English club playing in Scotland, probably best known for its moronic support who hate all things Catholic and, for some strange reason, Irish. The supporters also appear fixated by paedophilia, probably due to the actions of a previous first team player. First club in the history of European football to be fined for sectarian behaviour, its supporters have been banned from travelling within the UK due to past troubles. Struggled in recent years due to financial difficulties, it is now very much an also ran in the competition for prizes.
"This has to be said about Rangers…as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist". - Ian Archer (journalist 1970s)
by WilliamBoyne June 20, 2007

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