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The thinker, mastermind
dude, that was the shit you are the Rangel
by legnar April 16, 2008
A person who is caring and cares for everybody and considers everyone's opinion. A kind hearted guy.
Samantha : OMG that guy was so nice to me
Jane: Looks like he is a rangel
by Rang master August 20, 2015
Somebody you know who talks about how great they are and everything they do. Yet in reality, they don't do anything. They just tell themselves and everyone else they're amazing.
Adam: "Damn. that guy can't do anything right. He said he can drive a boat better than everyone else yet he destroyed the engine on this one."

Justin: "Duh, he's an incompetent moron, a total rangel."
by everyoneelseinsec September 06, 2012
A snitch. The type of person that doesn't seem to get it. Better defined as that little piece of poop that clings to your asshole after you shit, and no matter how much you push or shake it, it just won't let go.
Alex: "dude, this guy is such a bitch. He needs to take the hint and piss off."

Justin: "What do you expect, he's a rangel."
by everyoneelseinsec September 06, 2012
Somebody who is completely clueless to what it takes to be a leader. Somebody who is so delusional, that they legitimately believe they know what they are doing. Sticking feathers up your butt and clucking doesn't make you a chicken, being in a position of leadership does not mean you're a leader.
John: "So I brought my problem to up to the lpo and he just stared at me and kind of laughed it off..."

Jane: "Ofcourse, he isn't going to correct the problem, he's a rangel."
by everyoneelseinsec September 06, 2012
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